Personal shopping
Perhaps you require a wardrobe overhaul, a closet for your new life as a student abroad, newly-wed or Magnificent Ass-Kicker. Maybe you just hate shopping and don’t have the time. Let me shoulder your burden. We start with a consultation and the service can be spread over a two-day shopping spree or months over which we discuss seasonal changes. You got specific needs? I know guys who custom-make bags, shoes, boots and even swimsuits.

This service is also available for those living in Abroadlands. We work out a monthly budget, chalk out your requirements and then I send you links with what to buy, when. In addition, I sent you things from Hereland. Chicago and New York clients can vouch for persistence of my emails.
Charges: Rs 5000 onwards

Wardrobe Editing
Your wardrobe’s full, but you have nothing to wear. Let me at the bitch. I’ll clean it up, snip off the umbilical cord to pieces you can’t wear, show you how to make the most of the things that you can and then draw up a list of all the things you need to shop for. All in one afternoon. I’ll tell you when I’m in your city, and you could let me in.
Charges: Rs 5000

Scavenger walks
We’ve set a schedule; bring your walking shoes and a cloth bag. Three sprees a week to scratch your shopping itch. Look for schedule updates on the main page.
Charges: Rs 500

Artisan walks
Are you visiting the city? Would you like someone to take you around the underground textile markets, the leather industries, the gold district and the wholesale fabric markets? Or do you want help negotiating the right price for handicrafts. We know the best places to get authentic Indian wear (for cheap), custom-make jewellery and buy gifts for friends, family and familiars back home.
Charges: Rs 5000 onwards

To avail of any of the above services, mail us at swastanimasta@gmail dot com or use the contact form below.

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  1. M, all of this is such a brilliant idea and such an interesting use of your fabulous talent for clothes and shopping! Congratulations and I wish you much success with it all.

  2. Best of Luck! :D :D Btw, maybe you could look at having evening scavenger walks? Most of us dont get free from work till around 4 and 5, so if 4-5pm we could start off it would be great!

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