Purging August 2013

Cheery yellow dress


Frankly I will be disappointed if you don’t fall in love with this dress the instant I hit Publish. It’s yellow linen and lined with a synthetic fabric. It’s not completely figure-hugging and falls kind of straight from the bust. The high neck sits like a slit on the collarbone, making a nice shape when worn with a blazer.

Size: M/ 12
Why are you selling it? I fell in love with the colour, but I don’t have the gumption to wear anything so form fitting. I’m shy.
How much: Rs 550

Silk Safari dress


It’s a pure silk, deep green dress with a tulip skirt. The fastenings are very clever, so you are all covered up. It’s a sample piece and has two breast pockets and two at the hip. It needs a belt.

Size: M/12
Why are you selling it: I do not have the powers to make it work.
How much: Rs 550



One with a print of the map of the world, in French.


The other has hummingbirds

Why are you selling them? I bought them to form a relationship with the vendor so that he would let me photograph his wares. Now that they have served their purpose, they have lost their appeal. I am manipulative like that.
Price: Rs 100 each

Men’s canvas slip-ons


Sleek canvas slip-ons. Never been worn. Husband commissions me to buy them and they turn out to be the wrong size.

Size: 6
Price: Rs 900

I will dust them before I send them to you.

As always, if you want any of these, I am happy to courier them to you if you pay shipping. Contact me at mitali.parekh at gmail.com if you want them.

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