Register for the next Garage sale

The next Swasta Ani Masta garage sale is at Churchgate, for the convenience of Townie Lemurs. Drop me a mail at swastanimasta at gmail to get a table.

When: 27 January 2013
Where: Mocha at Churchgate
Timings: 12 pm to 4 pm
What can you sell: Gently used items — books, clothes, accessories, CDs, DVDs, electronic paraphernalia, siblings, shoes, whatever you have lying about.
Registration: Rs 500


One thought on “Register for the next Garage sale

  1. Hey Mitali,

    I have some stuff – a pair of shoes, a few pairs of jeans, lots of accessories etc etc. I’d like to register.

    Once I register, what do I need to do? Any tips on how to price stuff? Any standard pricing you’ll have?

    Let me know.


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