The Mulberry sling and Ann Taylor Loft dresses are back on the market.

Black leather bag

What: My friend had this French Connection bag I admired, so I had my man in Dharavi make it in foam leather with extra pockets.


What’s really helpful is that it doesn’t have a zipper, putting contents within reach. It’s huge and has one front pocket, one zippered pocket at the back (the inside of which came undone and was restitched) and a zippered pocket at the back. It has buckets for phone and diary.

The sides expand and contract


That’s the back there:


Why am I letting it go: Because hoarding does not make me happy. Because I want a simple life with fewer choices.
How much did you buy it for: Rs 2000
How much: Rs 700

Burberry sling
I used to be sentimental about this sling since it went with me to Israel. So long buddy.



What it is: Black leather. Brass accents. Monogrammed. Pocket populated; there are two zippered ones of various depths at the back, one in the front, one zippered one inside and a bucket for phone.



The lining is a little stained.

How much did you buy it for: Rs 1100
Why are you letting it go:
Because I have found a sling which works perfectly for me.
How much: Rs 500

Fossil Sling

Warm brown leather with key and heart lock on the side.

Zippered pocket inside with a pocket in the front.

How much did you buy it for: Rs 2700
Why are you letting it go: Because I have found a sling which works perfectly for me.
How much: Rs 1200

Zara skinny pants


Worn once. Lost weight. Don’t want to fuck up by altering. Size L and works best for 30-32 waist.

Bought for:
Rs 2700
Letting them go for: Rs 2000

Button waistcoat


Worn once. Featured here.

Bought for: Rs 250
Letting it go for: Rs 200

Peacock blue jeans


I lost weight. Hurrah. Now what about all of these? Low-waist. Best fits a 32-inch waist.

Bought for: Rs 550
Letting it go for: Rs 350

Anokhi tent dress


It’s lovely. I wore it twice. Now it deserves a new home and a loving owner. Can be worn like this.

Bought for: Not sure. Above 1k for certain.
Going for: Rs 900

Hansiba kurta
A few years ago, when Hillary Clinton came to Mumbai, I spent the day professionally stalking her. She visited this shop on Malabar Hill that retails clothes and accessories made by a rural woman’s co-operative. I bought this kurta in an attempt to get into the shop before she did. Problem is, it’s the same colour as my skin, making me look like I’m nude and have a rare skin rash that looks like chikan-kari. Yay.


The edges are raw and unheeded, intentionally. It’s a gentle A-line cut with no slits on the sides.


Bought for: Rs 1300
Going for: Rs 700
Size: M



From a Paramparik Karagir exhibiion, if that pulls at your heart strings. Blue with a paisley print picked out in gold at the yoke. Churidaar sleeves. Ends above the knees. Worn once.


How much: Don’t know
Going for: Rs 500

Ann Taylor Loft Maxi


In size M-l (US 8-10). It’s strapless, but I have sewed on a pair of nude adjustable straps. Don’t fit into it anymore. Worn twice.

Bought for: Rs 550
Going for: Rs 300

Beaded net top


I tried to make it work but couldn’t. Lately, I have realised it is this is the black version of this.

Bought for: Rs 500
Going for: Rs 300

Orange ASOS jersey maxi


I have loved this, however, it does not fit me any more. You could wear it like this.

Bought for: Rs 1100
Going for: Rs 500

Hot pink tennis dress

Genuine Lacoste. Size: Large. Is not misshapen; I am just too lazy to iron it.

Bought: Rs 3550
Going for: Rs 1000

As always, I can courier these to you if you are willing to foot courier fees. If you want any of these, drop me a line at [email protected] dot com. If not, we can arrange for pick up in Vashi, Sanpada or Bandra.

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  1. Hi Mitali,

    I want the black leather bag and the fossil sling.
    I can pick it up from Bandra or Vashi (or CST- I remember you had told me you worked closeby) but only next week. I can pay you the amount right away. Please?

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