I’ve found a bag that doesn’t disable my shoulder and is large enough to carry all my stuff without being over-sized. In deference to it, I’m getting rid of two others.

The Navy Quilted


This bag is a quilted version of Mulberry’s Alexa. Dharavi manufactured a consignment some years ago and some ethical vendors have been replicating the design, but leaving off the patented hardware. So you can enjoy the design, without it being a “fake”.


It’s dark blue leather with brass hardware. Quite roomy and there are three partitions (one zippered) and a back zippered pocket. It comes with a slim adjustable belt. There’s a pocket for a phone and a diary.


It used to be my cool girl purse. I bought it under a year ago. No flaws. Pretty good condition. Fabric lining, so it won’t tear at the seams.

I got it for: Rs 3650
I’m selling it for: Rs 2000
Why: Cause I am not about change purses.

Hidesign sling bag


This sling bag is pretty unique, but it makes my shoulders cry. I love the numerous pockets, but it’s impracticable for office use, which is the primary role of my shoulder buddies.


It’s cranberry leather with two pockets in the front, a zippered one in the back and a long zippered one inside. No mobile phone pockets.


The tab on the main compartment has fallen off. I still have the receipt and warranty (which has expired). It’s been used a handful of times. I’ve had it since February 2009.


Original price: Rs 4650
I’m letting it go for: Rs 2000
Why: Sling bags are no friends of my shoulder.

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  1. I know that this is a long long long shot, but I’ve just been going back through your archives and found these. They’re probably sold, right? Any teeny tiny chance you still have either one?

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