Punch-a-karma (My karma wants to punch me in the face)

The Closet Sweep project has made me a little uncomfortable about my belongings. This is not what I set out to be. I did not aim to accumulate so many striped tees and brown bags. I feel the need to unburden. Shopoholicism is great if you have the gall for it. I feel my shoes are a compensation for not having the balls for going after what I really want – freedom.
As a prelude to the upcoming sale, I’m putting out some ‘premium’ things in my closet up for sale here. These are in the higher price bracket, so I hesitate to put them at the sale itself. Here’s they are:

Booties from Clarks


Size: UK 5, US 7, EU 38
I got them for: Rs 3500
I’m letting them go for: Rs 2000
Why: Because I am incapable of walking in heel’s like Agatha Christie was incapable of writing a plot in which one character is not in disguise.


These are in perfect condition, having been worn only twice. They are leather and cushioned, and pretty darn adorable for propping against a flower pot.

Puma Ferrari collaboration

Size: UK 5, US 7, EU 38
I got them for: Rs 2000
I am letting them go for: Rs 1000
Why: Because I am now a 32-year-old woman who does not wear keds to work on a daily basis. I have a pair of running shoes and a pair of vintage keds and that is enough. YES IT IS.




These are the default driving shoes for my friends in motoring magazines. I must have worn them about five times in the two years I have had them. They are cushioned inside and are actually a men’s model.

Slouchy boots

Size: UK 4.5, US 6, EU 37
I got them for: Rs 800
I am letting them go for: Rs 500
Why: They are a size small and I bought them to win the trust of a new vendor I wanted to feature here.

The boots.

They have an elevated inner sole, so they make you half-an-inch taller, even though the sole is flat. They must have been for Aamir Khan. They are an extremely soft leather and a sort of green-grey colour.



I got it for: Rs 2600
I am letting them go for: Rs 2000
Why: Because ‘But-it’s-the-kind-of-bag-The-Sartorialist-would-notice’ is not a valid reason.


I bought this when Dharavi had a Mulberry consignment and all the fittings are original. It has three fastenings – two magnetic, one buckle; two boxy pockets in the front; a zippered partition inside, cutting one roomy compartment into two; a mobile pocket and a small zippered compartment for cards; a sling strap. If you murder an elf in are, I’m sure you could hide the body in here if you cut it up small. I’d really like to see a man weather and beat it for a few years.

Mail me at swastanimasta at gmail and we’ll figure out pick-up/courier etc.

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