StyleMe goodies

Did I tell you about Styleme? Neha Patodia, the pretty face behind it, is a regular at the Swasta Ani Masta garage sales. There’s lots of great stuff on her site and here’s how I would wear some of it.

The two-face dress.


Things I love:
1. The deep colour and smudged damask-esque pattern.
2. The versatility.
4. The shoulders have tiny shoulder pads that make the sleeves puff.
5. Simplicity. I like one-point professionalism. I could wear this on the train and shrug on a blazer if I have to step out for an interview.

My doubts:
1. I have broad shoulders so am wary of shoulder details.
2. The length seemed too short for work.

Excuse the blurred photo. But you get the picture, no?


So it turns out, puff sleeves don’t make me look like a footballer. This dress wipes away my fear of feminine things — I usually feel like Alice after the lengthening potion when I wear anything with frills and bows. If I just slip the Naturalizer wedges under this, I could stride into office.


If I was in a meeting, I would wear this shorter, three-fourth sleeved blazer from Zara. I like how proper and prissy this is look is. This outfit should be heading power brunches.


This is how I would wear it if I was low on energy and wanted to fool the universe. I like ’70s style longer blazers, especially if they are just a few inches short of the dress. This blazer is vintage Missoni, and linen. With satchel, I would be the cynical and mean newspaper girl. Cast me, Allen.

A lot of what I like on Styleme is predictably silk. Like this top.


Confession: I have been curious about how a one-shoulder style will look on me, given the footballer situation I have going up there. The sleeve balances broad shoulders and the bubble hem gives paunches a place to hide. I am wearing this with my Mango skinnies and I DO look slimmer than usual.


It also has this caplet which can rescue a jeans+spaghetti situation.

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