Three things

1. Tushar is really fussy about shirts. He likes the cut-away collar and prefers a more conservative cut. The slim-cut shirts available in stores make him look like a professional lady-pleaser; he prefers being a elegant old man. So Stiff Collar Shirts has become our regular shop. They have a limited, but dependable collection. They ship fast and I have tried a refund and an exchange — they haven’t ironed out that bit yet, but are very prompt to address your frustrations. They’re one of the few places to make a good French Cuff and the Aquamarine poplin really brings out Tushar’s nose. They also have a Paunch fit which responds to Indian needs. And they are cheap. If you are really slim, you may find that the shirt billow a little.

2. I don’t have a beauty regimen, but I need to moisturize. Now I’d rather blow a horse than evaluate products according to their ingredients-to-packing-to-price-to-non-stickiness-to-which-celebrity-I-want-to-emulate-to-current-ethics ratio. So I buy jojoba oil from Kundalini, primarily because the manufacturer is in my neighbourhood. They also courier. A bottle costs me Rs 400 and lasts for six to eight months. Sorted.

3. We hosted a few friends recently, and they gave me a deodorant stone as a gift. I am amazed. My skin and sinuses hate deodorant. Also, the act of choosing products pushes me into foetal position. This is perfect — no smell, no clogging of pores, nothing actually on your skin. Has anyone used this? I suspect it might be an alum crystal. I can’t stop talking about it.