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  1. hey,
    i m an ardent fan of your cool hunter section in the mumbai mirror… though i must admit i was a tad bit disappointed with the fact when i actually set out to hunt for the butterfly sandals and the studded splats in colaba i could not find them. the shop that u mentioned was next to cotton colours, opposite colaba police station. there was only one shop that i found and the chappie there denied storing these kind of sandals in his shop.
    was jus wondering if maybe the next time you can mention the name of the shop as it might be a lil more easier to find it. or do you think that is some sort of advertising hence best avoided.
    please do reply and lemme know where this shop is where u found these fantastic flats. As i m in my 8th month of pregnancy i have just a few more weeks before i can go on a shopping spree :)

    • Hi Sheetal. These are not stores, but stalls, which is why you may have trouble locating them. This shoe guy in particular shifts between the street corner and the pavement outside Cotton Colours. He is usually there in the evenings and late afternoons.

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