Swasta Ani Masta Garage Sale

The Swasta Ani Masta garage sale is back and I hope you’ll join us. This time, we’re holding it at Bonobo at Bandra (W) on 31 Oct. All you need to do is clean your closets and rooms, look for gently used clothes and things you want to get rid of (but are in good condition) and price them. Since this is a garage sale, we would request you to not price an item for more than Rs 999 (unless it is a flat in Mumbai. Then it’s a total steal at Rs 1199. I call dibs)
This time, we’re adding services, so if you know a friend who is good at caricatures or can strum a tune or gives mean backrubs, haul them them. They can set up a stall and offer their services. Who wouldn’t want a cartoon of themselves for 300 bucks or a pay as much for a 15 minute foot rub?
The timings are from 12 pm to 5 pm, so we should get there by 11 to set shop. Confirm by sending an email to swastanimasta at gmail please.

6 thoughts on “Swasta Ani Masta Garage Sale

  1. I want to come! To shop, not to sell. I have been hounding this blog since a few days, & I have a very whacky thing I want from Mumbai itself. You think you could help me? :)

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