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Swasta Ani Masta Shop is finally open. Apart from the usual stuff I feature on the site, we’ve tried to curate one-off sample pieces or those rejected due to minor defects. I’ve worked out the international shipping, but if you live in India, drop me a line and I’ll find out the courier rates. Whew. One more thing done.

15 thoughts on “Give me your money

  1. Congratulations…and best of luck! I am a big fan and have been following this blog for a while now. I could not get anything on your blog since I am not from Mumbai! Your etsy shop changes it all! thank you…

  2. This is awesome news! :) Sitting in Pune, though Mumbai is not that far, I always felt bad that I couldn’t buy all those awesome and cheap stuff! :) Thanks! :)

  3. Yay! I m sooooooo glad! I don’t live in India, but I will be in a couple of months. Does this mean, I can ask you to buy me stuff, and I can collect them while I m in Mumbai???

  4. Awesome!! I ll mail u a list of stuff I want – they are all stuff that you have posted recently. Are the rates same as you have mentioned on the website, or do you have a different rate? Either way, let me know if this works for you, and I ll send u an email right away! :D

    • Will the rates are pretty much the same. They are converted from INR so the difference will only be a few rupees. Tell me how you’d like to make the payment. If by PayPal, then you’ll have to buy it on the site and I’ll make a listing for you minus the shipping costs. If you’d like to send a cheque or do a bank transfer, that’s alright too. So lets start with a list.

  5. I love love u for doing this… I was cribbing today, no matter how much I try to shop I never get stuff I get in India..:)

    Btw, just want to know- how long do u think it takes to ship to US??

    • Thanks Jina. When I send parcels to freinds and family, it takes upto 2 weeks. However, I’ve just sent out the first SaM parcel and I’ll tell you how long that takes.

  6. Hey
    One more doubt— So is it only the ones listed in the shop or I can pick some from the site as well? (That seems too far fetched, still trying my luck..:)

  7. You can buy the stuff that is in the shop immediately. If you like something that has been listed here recently, drop me a line with the size. I could buy it and make a listing for you on Etsy so that we cab make the transaction there.

  8. I would love to buy the safari romper; but my size is medium.( A shirt dress in medium will also do just fine) Also would like to have a floral skirt- in waist size 29-30.Do let me know if you will have any of those at your disposal to sell?
    Thankoo in advance

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