Rangoli stencils

Plastic and steel rangoli stencils create lumpy designs, unlike this net ring that controls the flow of powder to make the end product look more like a rubbing. Spread a dark colour as base and gently caress a lighter colour over the net for a two-toned design.
Floral motifs also mean that Kate can look the neighbour in the eye without apologising for the Nazi symbol on her threshold.

Price: Rs 20 each
Where: To the west side of Dadar Station, lane leading out of Phool Market, Mumbai

40 thoughts on “Rangoli stencils

  1. I found these at a handicraft fair in Vizag…and would love to buy more – especially as gifts! does anyone know how I can mail order them?

  2. While I Was Visiting A Fair At Indore with my wife she spotted A Shopkeeper Selling These Type Of Rangoli Stencils, she instantly bought all the available sets of designs.
    Now she is in constant search for such stencils and has found your site. She wants to buy your stencils, kindly let me know where and how to buy them.

    Awaiting your reply.

    Anand saraf

  3. i wish to inform u that i am one of the wholesale and retail supplier for rangoli stencils in my region(TAMIL NADU). My requirement is 5000 to 10000nos monthly. pls send me ur quote.


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